Haven’t filed a tax return for years? Let Us Help You Get That Problem Behind You.

So a few years ago, you didn’t file a tax return because you feared you might have to  pay rather than get a refund. Or, you didn’t have all of the information you needed to do the tax return. Or, you just lost your job or you just got divorced. Then, the following year, you didn’t file again for the same reason. You were also worried that filing a return would “raise a red flag” or trigger a tax bill from the IRS for the prior year. This vicious cycle began repeating itself and it has now been several years since you last filed a tax return.

And now, the IRS has caught up with you. They even filed a tax return for you – something they call a Substitute For Return (SFR). More importantly, they say you owe a bunch of money in taxes. And interest! And penalties!

There are many ways to solve this problem of unfiled tax returns. I can contact the IRS and get your transcripts. This is information the IRS has received from third parties reporting income paid to you including W-2s, 1099s, etc. and mortgage interest you paid on 1098s. I can also assist in filing your tax returns using other sources if some records are missing.

Unfiled tax returns should be filed as quickly as possible to avoid additional interest and penalties. More importantly, tax returns from the most recent three years should be filed immediately to claim any refunds which may be due.

Let’s get this problem solved and get you back on track. Call me today at 813-514-2920 to schedule a free consultation.

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